Jason Chambers

My Project Portfolio

I’m a software engineer with experience across the stack, ranging from crafting responsive UI / UX interfaces with technologies such as React / Angular to building out server architecture in the backend using NodeJS following RESTful API best practices.

Things I Can Do

Here's a quick rundown of my skillset. For a more in-depth list please check out my Resume

  • Write all the code
  • Integration / Unit Testing
  • Read tons of documentation
  • Make coffee
  • Responsive UI / UX Designs
  • Experienced with Agile Development workflows

Portfolio Apps

A collection of my recent projects and all the technologies that were used in creation of the applications.

splash page camera page

Automated Attendance

Facial recognition based attendance tracking application. Students will be automatically recognized by attached webcam and their attendance status will be stored into database and updated real-time.

Tech used: React, HTML/CSS, React-Router, NodeJS, Express, mySQL, KairosAPI, CloudinaryAPI, Auth0, Webpack, Karma, Enzyme, Mocha, Istanbul, PugJS, Bootstrap


A Data analyzation application that takes twitter profiles and outputs personality data from IBM Watsons personality API.

Tech used: React, HTML/CSS, React-Router, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, IBM Watson, Twitter API, Auth0

create race page running race page

Amazing Race

Amazing Race allows you to create real-world races by setting start and end locations with checkpoints in between. Be tracked real-time as you run the created race and have your results automatically be uploaded upon completion. Race yourself and your friends through the checkpoints to see who finishes first!

Tech used: React, HTML/CSS, React-Router, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Google Places API, Google Geometry API, Passport

Save that GIF

Query Giphy API for gifs based on your search term. Create an account to be able to save the GIFs you like!

Tech used: AngularJS, HTML/CSS, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, GiphyAPI, Bootstrap

Contact Me

Contact me at contact@jasonchambers.net or reach out to me on any of my social media profiles listed below.